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I cannot, for the life of me, understand what's going on in my 13 year old son's head. I swear, he's very smart but lazy, always does above average on the West Tests yet won't study for regular tests that actually count toward his grades. He has ended up with all As and Bs though with a C in English. He gets a better grade in French? :S  Anyway, the problem with him lately is he doesn't want to go to school. Today makes the FIFTH time in a month that he's missed his bus. I know it has something to do with me spending two nights in the hospital last month but with an increase in one medication, I'm fine now. FIVE times now, he's told me that the bus didn't run. Yeah, right because they're irresponsible so they don't run daily. Not to mention, there's several buses that go by our house that he could catch if he missed his. Hi dad took him the second time and I took him the third. It's about ten miles to his school.

I stay up fairly late, most times all night, so I sleep in the mornings and afternoon. He catches his bus at 6:55am but the third morning, he came back to the house at 7:20 and quietly knocked on the door FOR TWO HOURS. You cannot hear anybody at the door, which is in the kitchen, unless they put some effort into knocking. The only reason I knew he was there was because my alarm goes off at 9am to take my meds and I went into the kitchen. We had a long talk that day and he did fine for about THREE days. *sigh* Today, instead of coming back upstairs and knocking on the door, he went down to the basement where there's a tv, recliner, and blanket and stayed down there until the school's auto recording called and said he wasn't there. WTF? I get a little worried when I think my kid is at school yet they tell me he's not. I found him in the basement. Now he'd been attached to me all damn day long because he knows I'm mad at him, until I sent him to his room.

At least I have options to take care of this problem. 1. take him to school every day.  2. let his brother start riding the bus with him (his dad takes him because his passes his school along the way to work) or 3. walk him out to the bus every day.  I swear, he can be so sweet when he wants to be and then other times, he's like a demon spawn.

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Wed, Jul. 20th, 2011 07:42 pm
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So, I'm FINALLY getting around to the weight loss thing that I first mentioned on here back in February. I decided NOT to get another blog somewhere else to talk about it but to go ahead and do it here. I pay for this damn journal, I might as well actually use it.

I am going to filter those posts since I'm sure there's some of you who probably won't wanna be bothered by my weight loss posts that will contain a little bit of everything, yes, even bitching. So, if you see my first post in the next couple days, you're not filtered out and if you don't see it and would like to, just let me know.

What is up with this weather??? It's 7:35pm and the temperature is 90 degrees (sorry I don't know what that is in celsius) and with the humidity at 56% it says it actually feels like 97 degrees. It's like a tropical rain forest outside without the actual rain. Tomorrow it's supposed to be 97 which means with the humidity, it'll feel like over 100 degrees. NOW is when I miss the high 90 degree LA weather. At least I could breathe in that hot, waterless air. I see storms popping up here and there, maybe we'll get lucky enough to have one that'll cool us down, not make it worse.

I'd LOVE a new layout. I'm thinking Ghost Adventures but I don't want any depressing black layouts so, I'll keep what I have or look for something else pretty. Who cares if there's a header or not.
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I am soooooooooooo fucking sick of getting lied to. I guess it's okay though when the liar doesn't think you know. Well, I do know. I'm not stupid and I don't appreciate it.
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I have a feeling the CSI:NY finale is going to be SUPER LAME. If we're lucky Shane Casey will push Lindsay down the stairs of the lighthouse and she'll break her neck. *fingers crossed* If it happens, I totally called it. XD

I just want to know why in the hell are Danny and Lindsay going on vacation with Shane on the loose WITH Danny's badge, no less. Why am I not surprised nobody batted an eye at him NOT getting in trouble for not reporting his badge? Danny can be so lame sometimes.

The show is going downhill fast. Thank goodness for Flack, Danny/Flack scenes because Danny so gets some from Flack on the side, and for any Danny scene where he's free of Lindsay.
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I just watched the premiere of CSI:NY and all I can say it was a premiere.

Oh Don, I loved when you said Mr Messer.... )
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OMG!!! Is this the fucking shit we all have to look forward to in Season 6??? 

I think I might hurl..... )

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I haven't done this in a while because well, I didn't really want to stop and take the time for it but what the hell. Today it's nice outside despite the clouds and I'm sitting here on my back porch with my laptop and the quiet (kids are inside playing) and I thought I'd pitch in my two cents (on my LJ this time) about my feelings on DL and Lindsay and CSI:NY in general and whatever else I think up.

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Oh man. I thought I'd made this clear to [ profile] djgoddess1  a few months ago that I didn't much appreciate her getting me riled up on IMs because I get on there for fun, not to argue about this shit but apparently she can't remember shit. So, I thought I'd post our latest IM conversation from a few minutes ago. BTW, I'm donflackjr and she's meegan - stella. ( you wouldn't be able to tell) It's long so I'll put it under a cut. It's also custom f-locked only so I don't have to deal with her again on here oh and because she's on TalkCSI.

Also, please forgive my non-use of capitalization or punctuation in my IMs. Oh yeah, and my lack of "?" after most questions. I am convinced that key hates me and either I hit the wrong key or totally miss it. :P

why this again? *sigh* )

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 Can I kill somebody? I had several paragraphs. 40 minutes of typing and hit who knows what button and lost everything. Anyway, here's my second try. I'm sure this will suck compared to my first attempt.

I thought it was time for me to do a rant that wasn't about crazy lady. As long as she omits me from her rants I am more than happy to do the same. I will be ranting about Lindsay (sorry Lindsay fans but I hate her), Danny/Lindsay, idiots at the NY forums on and, and Adam haters. I'll also be talking about Danny/Flack (how could I make a post without mentioning them?), Wet!Mac, Mac/Flack (hide your eyes

[personal profile] iheartnickcath!), and anything else I feel like.



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Yep, she back or should I say she's never left. I've grown bored of her. Yes, I'm talking about [profile] flacks_my_managain.  I don't see how that [profile] faylinn_drakeand I can be so interesting that she feels the need to mention us all the time. Thank you, dear Sybil, for giving us all the credit.  BTW, I haven't ranted about Sybil since March 7th and only did it today because I am bored. So, if you wanna read.....

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It just baffles me that crazy person ([profile] flacks_my_man) can't keep from bitching about TalkCSI. For the record, I don't read her LJ unless I am directed over there. She says she never goes over there so then what could she possibly have to bitch about? 

I can't wait for the chat tonight with Eddie. I've never participated in a live chat before (just read the transcripts), so I'm really looking forward to it. Of course, if my questions are asked...I'll be posting them and his answers on here.
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I feel so honored. [profile] flacks_my_man(in her dreams and his worst nightmares) actually reads my posts.  Well, here's another one. Poor, poor Sybil. I guess she has nothing to do but check out our journals. That's ok. I enjoy my new extra-curricular activity of seeing just how batshit crazy she is. 

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OH MY GOD!!!! Will it ever end? Why does [profile] flacks_my_manjust keep stirring the shit?? I know she reads my journal, as well as everyone else she mentioned in her latest journal entry (Yes, she named several of us). I will post those parts under the cut.  I made my last entry about her an flist only so she couldn't see it. WTF, I hope she gets just as much enjoyment out of reading my rants as I do reading her crazy shit.

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 Although I'm not quite sure who's she's ranting about. Well, I'm pretty sure she started in on [personal profile] laguera25but I think some of the stuff she got from me. Like I care. It's the highlight of my day to read the shit she posts. I hope she does come on here and checks out my posts. Unlike her, my comments is turned on because I'm not afraid of negativity and I can dish it out to her as well as I can take it from her.

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I'm pissed off again with a certain person on here who keeps changing her LJ name. She's onto her third LJ this time under the name [profile] flacks_my_man. She's still obsessed with all of us "freaks" from TalkCSI and mentions us every chance she gets. [personal profile] laguera25had a rant about her (which I loved) and it didn't take long for the crazy person long to make another post complaining about it. This could belong so I'll put it under the cut.

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I am ranting about the following that was posted in an LJ account and was directed to myself and Faylinn.  It's the same person I've bitched about before and here I am bitching about her again.  It's nice to be able to let off a little steam on here.

Of course I must respond to that so, here it is:

Also, I would like to add that I specifically mention Danny/Lindsay smut but only because I do not see Lindsay as a slut at all (still on the fence about my feelings for Lindsay until all this secret past shit is totally revealed). I do stand by my opinions about the fictions though. 

END OF RANT...I feel better now.
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I'm mad as hell and thought I'd share it with my LJ friends and anyone else who wants to read it.  It got kinda long so I had to put it behind the cut.

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