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OMG!!! Is this the fucking shit we all have to look forward to in Season 6??? 

It's bad enough they just had to add Anna's pregnancy to the show and totally fuck up what would have been a great season 5. I'm assuming it was mostly so they could say (which they have non-stop) that it's the first CSI baby. Who the fuck cares? People pop out babies all the damn time. But now...they're bringing the damn spawn to work with them??? You heard that right. They brought the damn kid to work with them. Not just to show LUCY (yes, that's what they named her. Lucy Messer. Thank God it wasn't Montana or Aiden.) off while they're off work with her but they're actually BOTH back to work! WTF is wrong with this picture?? Who the fuck would bring a newborn to the lab for work?? But then again, Lindsay kept working with all those damn chemicals while she was pregnant so I guess she doesn't care if the kid's around them either.

Yeah, killing Angell off and keeping this bullshit makes such good sense. *rolls eyes*

Ok..I missed the first ten minutes the first time around and apparently, I didn't miss a damn thing worth watching. The DL stuff was nauseating. I do not need to hear the word 'virility' from Lindsay or care to know a damn thing about their sex life. Sounded to me like they're back to it again. Please don't have another damn spawn yet. Since when did they act all lovey? Did I miss some scenes in the past four years?!?

WTF is up with Danny? His kid is a newborn and he's already jealous of some random lab tech who we'll never see again and who was obviously added in just to piss Danny off. Well, if you're so worried about your damn kid, don't leave her in the break room with a bunch of strangers. GET A NANNY!!!

As for the rest of the episode. Big yawnfest. Melina, you're a wonderful actress but as a writer for the show you suck. I still haven't figured out if the professor is Stella's father or not. Anybody care to fill me in? And why did Stella get rid of all of those artifacts (bury them)? Did she not care that they got back to where they should have been?

So, Mac is allowed to play cop no matter where the fuck he goes? It's a bit ridiculous and I hope they don't expect us to believe those damn tests Mac and Stella did would ever hold up in court. I'm sure her earring was perfectly clean. Yep.

Long story short....that was a pretty shitty episode. Danny and Don both looked great. Flack was wonderful as always. I rate this episode a D. I'll never watch that again

As for the finale next week tomorrow - It looks to be awesome. I hope it lives up to the promos. And I'll go ahead and say it right here just to get it down in writing. I think the CSI who's life will be hanging in the balance will be Danny. I think he's the one who gets shot in the diner at the end of the show. Poor Flack....loses his girlfriend and possibly his best friend. Of course, I doubt they'd let Danny die. I wouldn't complain one damn bit if Lindsay got shot and died but I'm afraid we're gonna be stuck with Scrunchface Mootana until this damn show comes to an end.

ETA: WTF is this about Stella being 34?? They're getting ridiculous with these ages. We're supposed to believe she's 34, Mac's 45, and Lindsay is 28?? The only ages I find believable is Danny at 34 and Flack at 35.

I'm off to bury myself in RPs, hopefully.

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This made me lol out loud. I was kinda wtf-ing the baby at work as well but I'm a sucker for kids because they taste great with Teriyaki sauce.

Yes, Mac is a detective international. FACE. No, really, he got go ahead from the Greek government.

LOL mootana. . .

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LOL. I'll have to try them with teriyaki sauce. That might help.

Did that include shooting at suspects? :P

Mootana is my new name for her. I try NOT to say 'Lindsay' as often as possible.

BTW, I edited my post to bitch some more.
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Seriously, it, on rice, some beer. Geez, my mouth is watering.

007 bb. HOW YA LIKE ME NOW? Anyway, if Horatio Cain can do it, then so can Mac.

Does Lindsay make you throw up a little when you say it?


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We can't have Horatio having one up on Mac.

A little?!? She makes me spew like the girl in The Exorcist. I want to squish her like a bug or have Flack shoot to kill. That would make my day. ^_^

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Seriously, that whores goin' down.

Are you going to stab yourself in the crotch with a crucifix? Because that's immediately where my mind went - or maybe Lindsay gets stabbed there. . .

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HAHA....I think she needs the stab to the crotch.

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I laughed so hard I cried a little.

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Actually -- the finale's tomorrow after the CSI finale. (Which you might already know, but you said next week in your post.

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LOL...Yeah, I just keep saying next week. Thanks for letting me know!

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I agree that this episode was absolute crap. Talk about blatant pandering to shippers. The DL stuff was laughable and the ending was something out of badfic. Ugh. Hopefully this is a lesson to TPTB to not let any of the other actors write an episode.

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*lol* That is such a perfect icon.

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Danny is not at peace with these developments.

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I hope they never allow that to happen again but at least if they do, we'll know to expect the worst. I'm just hoping the producers and writers read the review thread on TalkCSI and realize just how poorly written it was. At least most of the posters on there seemed to think so.

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See, I want to feel displeased about how god-fucking-awful the show has become ... but I just laughed my ass off.

Let this episode be a lesson to TPTB and every idiotic fantard that pandering to the lowest common denominator will end in only one result: Utter shit.

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It's sad when nothing we can do now is just laugh at the stupid.

Something I did forget in my post was: Score another one for Danny. Is it surprising that the baby name he chose was the one they ended up using? Nobody wants a pouty Danny.

I didn't have high hopes going into the episode just from the spoilers and promos and I see that was a good thing. The promos and spoilers look like the finale will be really good. Again, I hope I'm not disappointed.

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What the bloody blue fuck did they do? I have class on Wednesday night for a year, and this is the sad fucking crap the pull out?

Hey, Writers, Producers, and even actors, My Icon is for you.


Wow. Just when you thought things couldn't sink any lower. I can't think of any show where a character has brought her baby to work.....

Hopefully, Carmine will be the one shot, because he wants to be free of this albatross of a show.

I mean, it had been talked about when the Anna Pregnancy rumors had begun circulating, and they were talking of writing it in, that some of the fans were coming up with better scenarios. I'd be willing to bet money that I could write a better episode, come up with better storylines/excuses than this drivel.

Makes me wonder, will the eps be worth even watching online, much less buying the DVD's.

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I can't imagine anybody writing an episode that could be worse unless it was a DL fan. It would probably make this one look like a masterpiece.

Hopefully it will be Lindsay getting shot and then we can start season 6 off with finding out she died over the break and that Danny is now raising Lucy with the true love of his life, Flack. Much better story than this DL crap.