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CSI:NY Finale Sneak Peek - Spoilers Inside

Thanks [ profile] surfingangel for sending me this link.

That's pretty much proof it's Angell who dies and OMG...It appears as though we actually see Danny being there for Don!!! He must ask how he's doing because Don says "I'm fine." It's still a big mystery who is injured in the end though.

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Thanks for the share :D

It's kind of obvious even though they don't say anything about it. Flack being all sad and everyone toasting besides her. The only real question now is who is the second person who is in trouble? (who has big chances of coming back next season)
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So "she" dies, and then they have a bar scene, kind of like Aiden's death toast, and someone gets shot, and they actually might die in the premiere next fall? Hmm.

I think they're requiring some of the actors to mess with us, because they can't kill them off mid-contract. It's working, though.

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Eh. Talk about recycling death-toast scenes.Personally I can't find myself interested in the least about who the other person 'possibly hurt' might be ... like the poster said above me, TPTB won't cut off a contract midway, not unless it was agreed beforehand with said actor or actress.

And knowing TPTB, next season, everyone will see that nobody got hurt and Angell never existed and everything is back to square zero in the continuity department. Apparently, that's all TPTB is good at. :P