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Oh man. I thought I'd made this clear to [ profile] djgoddess1  a few months ago that I didn't much appreciate her getting me riled up on IMs because I get on there for fun, not to argue about this shit but apparently she can't remember shit. So, I thought I'd post our latest IM conversation from a few minutes ago. BTW, I'm donflackjr and she's meegan - stella. ( you wouldn't be able to tell) It's long so I'll put it under a cut. It's also custom f-locked only so I don't have to deal with her again on here oh and because she's on TalkCSI.

Also, please forgive my non-use of capitalization or punctuation in my IMs. Oh yeah, and my lack of "?" after most questions. I am convinced that key hates me and either I hit the wrong key or totally miss it. :P

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It just baffles me that crazy person ([profile] flacks_my_man) can't keep from bitching about TalkCSI. For the record, I don't read her LJ unless I am directed over there. She says she never goes over there so then what could she possibly have to bitch about? 

I can't wait for the chat tonight with Eddie. I've never participated in a live chat before (just read the transcripts), so I'm really looking forward to it. Of course, if my questions are asked...I'll be posting them and his answers on here.
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I feel so honored. [profile] flacks_my_man(in her dreams and his worst nightmares) actually reads my posts.  Well, here's another one. Poor, poor Sybil. I guess she has nothing to do but check out our journals. That's ok. I enjoy my new extra-curricular activity of seeing just how batshit crazy she is. 

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OH MY GOD!!!! Will it ever end? Why does [profile] flacks_my_manjust keep stirring the shit?? I know she reads my journal, as well as everyone else she mentioned in her latest journal entry (Yes, she named several of us). I will post those parts under the cut.  I made my last entry about her an flist only so she couldn't see it. WTF, I hope she gets just as much enjoyment out of reading my rants as I do reading her crazy shit.

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 Although I'm not quite sure who's she's ranting about. Well, I'm pretty sure she started in on [personal profile] laguera25but I think some of the stuff she got from me. Like I care. It's the highlight of my day to read the shit she posts. I hope she does come on here and checks out my posts. Unlike her, my comments is turned on because I'm not afraid of negativity and I can dish it out to her as well as I can take it from her.

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I'm pissed off again with a certain person on here who keeps changing her LJ name. She's onto her third LJ this time under the name [profile] flacks_my_man. She's still obsessed with all of us "freaks" from TalkCSI and mentions us every chance she gets. [personal profile] laguera25had a rant about her (which I loved) and it didn't take long for the crazy person long to make another post complaining about it. This could belong so I'll put it under the cut.

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I am ranting about the following that was posted in an LJ account and was directed to myself and Faylinn.  It's the same person I've bitched about before and here I am bitching about her again.  It's nice to be able to let off a little steam on here.

Of course I must respond to that so, here it is:

Also, I would like to add that I specifically mention Danny/Lindsay smut but only because I do not see Lindsay as a slut at all (still on the fence about my feelings for Lindsay until all this secret past shit is totally revealed). I do stand by my opinions about the fictions though. 

END OF RANT...I feel better now.
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I'm mad as hell and thought I'd share it with my LJ friends and anyone else who wants to read it.  It got kinda long so I had to put it behind the cut.

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