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Title: He's All Mine
Rating: FRT
Pairing: Danny/Flack - who else?
Prompt: ghost
Warnings: none, just fluff and slash
Summary: Danny loves Flack but there's a special someone else who's a close second
Author's Note: This was just a spur of the moment little drabble that I thought up for the prompt word ghost for the Brokeback_Crimelab drabble thread.
Disclaimer: I do not own Danny and Flack because if I did, they would never leave their apartment. I also do not own "The Shining", Jack Nicholson, or Build-A-Bear Workshop. I do, however, own Lily and Melanie, Flack's nieces.

Danny lay curled up on the couch with his favorite blanket.... )
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It just baffles me that crazy person ([profile] flacks_my_man) can't keep from bitching about TalkCSI. For the record, I don't read her LJ unless I am directed over there. She says she never goes over there so then what could she possibly have to bitch about? 

I can't wait for the chat tonight with Eddie. I've never participated in a live chat before (just read the transcripts), so I'm really looking forward to it. Of course, if my questions are asked...I'll be posting them and his answers on here.
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I feel so honored. [profile] flacks_my_man(in her dreams and his worst nightmares) actually reads my posts.  Well, here's another one. Poor, poor Sybil. I guess she has nothing to do but check out our journals. That's ok. I enjoy my new extra-curricular activity of seeing just how batshit crazy she is. 

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 Although I'm not quite sure who's she's ranting about. Well, I'm pretty sure she started in on [personal profile] laguera25but I think some of the stuff she got from me. Like I care. It's the highlight of my day to read the shit she posts. I hope she does come on here and checks out my posts. Unlike her, my comments is turned on because I'm not afraid of negativity and I can dish it out to her as well as I can take it from her.


BC Board

Wed, Aug. 23rd, 2006 09:39 pm
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I am so happy to say that the Brokeback Crimelab message board is doing quite well. So far, we've had 6 new members. I'm so excited. IF you read my journal and know anyone who'd be interested, Just let me know.
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I'm sure nobody reads my LJ. No big surprise because there's not much on it. I would like to announce that about 3 weeks ago, [profile] faylinnand I ([profile] 1csimfan) created a new message board for fans of the Danny/Flack slash ship. This message board is for die hard D/F fans. If you're not a die hard Danny/Flack fan, this isn't the board for you. There are other threads for other aspects of CSI:NY and other TV in general, but it's really all about Danny/Flack.

When you access the link you will be directed to a portal page that will list you as a guest. You don't have to register but in order to view the forums you will need to look down the left side of the board you will see "Site Navigation". Just click on "forums". What we have listed are a sample of the forums on the board.

As a guest, we would appreciate it if you would first read the "Welcome to Brokeback Crimelab" and "Announcements" threads. These will give you an idea of everything offered in the site for registered users.

We look forward to seeing everybody on the BC board.

Here's the link to the board:

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