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I posted this over on TalkCSI but I thought I'd post it here too.

big ass pictures..... )
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Yep, she back or should I say she's never left. I've grown bored of her. Yes, I'm talking about [profile] flacks_my_managain.  I don't see how that [profile] faylinn_drakeand I can be so interesting that she feels the need to mention us all the time. Thank you, dear Sybil, for giving us all the credit.  BTW, I haven't ranted about Sybil since March 7th and only did it today because I am bored. So, if you wanna read.....

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I'm loving this one. I can't lose whether it be Danny, Don, Carmine, or Eddie.

Your true love's name begins with the letter A-G!!!!!!
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Taken from [profile] nim4  (My biorhythm sucked with Carmine but I'll post it too. Guess Eddie's the man for me. lol

This is the compatibility for me and Eddie based on biorhythms.

physical 77%
emotional 70%
intellectual 84%
total 77%

Match yourself with Eddie Cahill

Here's the one for me and Carmine.

physical 20%
emotional 22%
intellectual 84%
total 77%

Match yourself with Carmine Giovinazzo

Well Nim, I guess all I'll get to do with Carmine is talk to him. Hope you have fun though.

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