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What's wrong with this picture?

I cannot, for the life of me, understand what's going on in my 13 year old son's head. I swear, he's very smart but lazy, always does above average on the West Tests yet won't study for regular tests that actually count toward his grades. He has ended up with all As and Bs though with a C in English. He gets a better grade in French? :S  Anyway, the problem with him lately is he doesn't want to go to school. Today makes the FIFTH time in a month that he's missed his bus. I know it has something to do with me spending two nights in the hospital last month but with an increase in one medication, I'm fine now. FIVE times now, he's told me that the bus didn't run. Yeah, right because they're irresponsible so they don't run daily. Not to mention, there's several buses that go by our house that he could catch if he missed his. Hi dad took him the second time and I took him the third. It's about ten miles to his school.

I stay up fairly late, most times all night, so I sleep in the mornings and afternoon. He catches his bus at 6:55am but the third morning, he came back to the house at 7:20 and quietly knocked on the door FOR TWO HOURS. You cannot hear anybody at the door, which is in the kitchen, unless they put some effort into knocking. The only reason I knew he was there was because my alarm goes off at 9am to take my meds and I went into the kitchen. We had a long talk that day and he did fine for about THREE days. *sigh* Today, instead of coming back upstairs and knocking on the door, he went down to the basement where there's a tv, recliner, and blanket and stayed down there until the school's auto recording called and said he wasn't there. WTF? I get a little worried when I think my kid is at school yet they tell me he's not. I found him in the basement. Now he'd been attached to me all damn day long because he knows I'm mad at him, until I sent him to his room.

At least I have options to take care of this problem. 1. take him to school every day.  2. let his brother start riding the bus with him (his dad takes him because his passes his school along the way to work) or 3. walk him out to the bus every day.  I swear, he can be so sweet when he wants to be and then other times, he's like a demon spawn.
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Any clue what sparked this new "trend?"

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The only thing I can think that started it was me being in the hospital. It worried both the kids, mostly because it happened so fast (to them, to me the trouble had started the night before, 18 hours earlier) and their dad didn't bother to tell them "oh, your mom wasn't feeling good and called an ambulance. she's down at the er". Cody was mad at him and made his dad bring them down to the hospital. Dylan seemed to be okay with it but he was glued to me after I came back home. It took a couple weeks to fully adjust to the increase in medication. I'm fine now. I don't know how else to reassure him.
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What landed you in the hospital?

Maybe Thanksgiving break will help. Otherwise, maybe you could tell him he can stay home with you every now and then if he goes when he's supposed to?
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