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rhonda ([personal profile] kinkapoodles) wrote2011-11-20 01:06 am

Operation game

Has the game Operation changed so much that they've introduced new pieces? I checked Google and the site that makes it and only found different versions like Shrek operation, Spongebob, Spiderman, etc. I saw a Twitter post earlier today where the mother said her kid stuffed the BOOGER piece up his nose. Uh...there is no booger piece and the nose is a small red lightbulb that lights up when you mess up.
That just baffled me why she would say it was that piece if there isn't one. I just wondered if there was a version I didn't know about or if she's just lying for attention. :S

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I haven't played Operation since I was a kid, and I only remember it the way you do. If they changed it to add stuff like a 'booger', that's just sad. :/

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The only version I could think of that might have a booger piece was the Simpsons version but even it has the red light for the nose. I'm beginning to think she just made it up. But yeah, if they changed one to booger, it is sad.