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rhonda ([personal profile] kinkapoodles) wrote2011-07-22 02:39 pm

Hmm. . .did not know. . .

I saw this earlier today on my cousin's Facebook status. It makes sense but still, wouldn't the humidity have SOMETHING to do with it? Humidity is moisture in the air, right? I'm thinking if it was lower the dew point would be lower, too. . . just saying.

Today demonstrates well why RELATIVE HUMIDITY is *not* a good indicator of how muggy and uncomfortable the air may feel; the DEW POINT is a better indicator of that. Right now, the relative humidity is only 54% -- but it feels really muggy, right? That's because the dew point is 77°F -- very moist, muggy, tropical air.
My cousin lives in Ohio, so I'm assuming those are for where he lives. I looked up the stats for here (Clendenin, WV) and this is what I have:
  • current temperature 93 degrees F and hazy (oh yay, haze)
  • Humidity 53%
  • Dew point 73 degrees F
  • Feels like 102 degrees F
Looks like there's a chance of thunderstorms, too. It'll probably make the air more muggy. ANYWHO, what is all boils down to is it is friggen hot and muggy and I literally cannot breathe in that air.