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rhonda ([personal profile] kinkapoodles) wrote2011-07-20 07:42 pm

Misc ramblings

So, I'm FINALLY getting around to the weight loss thing that I first mentioned on here back in February. I decided NOT to get another blog somewhere else to talk about it but to go ahead and do it here. I pay for this damn journal, I might as well actually use it.

I am going to filter those posts since I'm sure there's some of you who probably won't wanna be bothered by my weight loss posts that will contain a little bit of everything, yes, even bitching. So, if you see my first post in the next couple days, you're not filtered out and if you don't see it and would like to, just let me know.

What is up with this weather??? It's 7:35pm and the temperature is 90 degrees (sorry I don't know what that is in celsius) and with the humidity at 56% it says it actually feels like 97 degrees. It's like a tropical rain forest outside without the actual rain. Tomorrow it's supposed to be 97 which means with the humidity, it'll feel like over 100 degrees. NOW is when I miss the high 90 degree LA weather. At least I could breathe in that hot, waterless air. I see storms popping up here and there, maybe we'll get lucky enough to have one that'll cool us down, not make it worse.

I'd LOVE a new layout. I'm thinking Ghost Adventures but I don't want any depressing black layouts so, I'll keep what I have or look for something else pretty. Who cares if there's a header or not.
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It's crazy. I hope it cools down soon.

Hmm. If you like the look of the layout, but not the color, maybe you could make it a charcoal or a deep red/purple? Idk what it looks like to begin with. What sort of layout are you looking for?

Good luck with the weight loss!

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The heat index today was 106 and right now at 8:48 pm it is 102 degrees along with a temperature of 91.

I'm not gonna worry about a layout right now unless I just happen to find one already made I like since I do like the blue polka dots. But for GA, it would be similar to this [ profile] zakhatesclowns.
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Nice layout. I hope something just right comes your way.