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CSI:NY Finale Observations - SPOILERS

I have a feeling the CSI:NY finale is going to be SUPER LAME. If we're lucky Shane Casey will push Lindsay down the stairs of the lighthouse and she'll break her neck. *fingers crossed* If it happens, I totally called it. XD

I just want to know why in the hell are Danny and Lindsay going on vacation with Shane on the loose WITH Danny's badge, no less. Why am I not surprised nobody batted an eye at him NOT getting in trouble for not reporting his badge? Danny can be so lame sometimes.

The show is going downhill fast. Thank goodness for Flack, Danny/Flack scenes because Danny so gets some from Flack on the side, and for any Danny scene where he's free of Lindsay.

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What really sucks is that you know it's going to turn into the Danny/Lindsay are so in love and tragedy might strike hour. BLAH.

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Exactly and we have to sit through it while our stomachs turn.

I've heard (and I hope it's wrong but) there's supposed to be another smut scene like Snow Day. *GAG*
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I couldn't believe he got off so easy either. A we'll-discuss-this-later would have been in order at the very least, while the attention was on Hawkes.

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Mac stayed on Danny's ass in Season 1 about everything yet lately he lets everything slide from the missing badge to Danny going missing all day looking for his gun to the other time he was late for work to switching shifts and not letting Mac know. It makes no sense.

And then they reward him with a vacation while Casey has his badge. :S What's up with that?
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I can imagine Mac easing up a bit, because he knows Danny better now and Mac has softened a bit, but this was a bit much. Though was Mac there or was it just Stella who said nothing? We'll see.


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Mac wasn't in there when Danny told them about his badge. Stella didn't seem too concerned or Danny just happened to pick the right time when they were all too engrossed in getting Hawkes out of that jail to worry about it. Shane Casey now has a police uniform AND Danny's badge. That's not good.
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With Hawkes in prison, he was obviously their main focus. Danny was up front about it when it "mattered", and so maybe she figured Mac would take care of it later. At that point, Casey was still in prison. Maybe? idk.