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CSI:NY - 6x05 - Battle Scars Mini Review

I really don't have much to say about the episode. It was a pretty good case for once that actually kept my attention. There were a few things that I must rant about, of course.

It would be nice to know WHEN in the hell in time we are on the show. I really don't think tptb want us to know because the casual viewer probably didn't pick up on the fact they said Lucy was ten months old. No matter when though, Danny went from a ten percent chance of walking in 6x01 Epilogue to now walking with a cane in 6x05 Battle Scars. Personally, I think giving him only a ten percent chance was a little ridiculous in the first place since a much higher percentage would make it more believable now that he is walking. I guess they just had to get that miraculous recovery into the show. *rolls eyes* 

I'm finding it a little hard to believe that Flack is having such a hard time when it comes to shooting someone. Yes, I know he basically shot and killed Simon out of cold blood ( I do NOT blame him one damn bit) but this woman threatened to kill him. He could have taken her out without killing her. A gunshot to the knee is very effective. It seems they're contradicting themselves when it came to saying Flack was going to be the best that he could be at his job. He's slowly getting worse.

The good thing about Flack not being up to par is that he still isn't wearing suits. I bet Eddie Cahill is happy about that for the time being. I still love seeing Flack in jeans and sloppy button downs or Henleys. I won't complain if the scruffy face comes back either. I'm glad to see Danny and Flack in scenes together again. I love when they interrogate suspects together. I was a little bit disappointed that neither of them asked how the other was. I guess we should be lucky we actually got to see Danny rush to the hospital in 5x25 Pay Up to check on Flack. Maybe as Danny gets better and Don continues to get worse, we'll have a concerned Danny confronting Don.

I saved the best for last. Further proof Lindsay isn't needed on the show to make it great. I didn't even notice she wasn't there until 34 minutes into the episode. What does that tell you? Had it been any of the others (except Haylen), I would have noticed immediately but I honestly didn't miss Moo one bit and it was even better not to hear anybody mention her at all. Haylen not being there was a plus, too but I didn't even notice she wasn't there at all until somebody else pointed it out. Thanks tptb for another pointless character.

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The problem with knowing when in time the show is taking place is that it depends on the story line. Haylen's been around for a few weeks yet Danny's been injured for months and Lucy was born 10 months ago. Who knows what the hell time frame the rest of the characters are dealing with. I have a hard time believing the casual viewer doesn't notice crap like that.
My mom, who watches occasionally and usually reads the paper when she is watching, made a comment about how quickly Danny was able to stand after Hawkes gave him the speech in therapy.

The only way TPTB can justify this is that they're catering to Carmine/Danny fangirls who don't want to see the hot guy struggle with recovery and just want to see him get better ASAP with the support of his loving, perfect wife. :gag: Either that or they're just too damned lazy to write it in a believable manner and don't think enough of their audience to assume anyone would notice.