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CSI:NY - 6x03 - Lat/Long Episode Review - *SPOILERS*

I didn't do a review last week. It was a good episode overall but since there wasn't much to complain about, I didn't feel the urge to post. This week, however, I do feel the urge to post. I need to watch it again at ten though so there could be some additions to this post. Edits/Updates are in BOLD.

A big WTF? to the timeline. I swear I never understand their timeline reasonings. Lindsay mentioned to Danny that Lucy was 10 months old. 6x01 was three weeks after the finale which we know was in May because of Angell's date of death on that paper Dunbrook showed Mac. NOW, it's supposedly March 2010? The dates actually work out because that would have Lucy a year old in May 2010. The only thing good I see about the date is that Danny is still in the wheelchair. I'm glad to see they're not having him recover in a couple months but to jump ahead ten months seems to really be jumping the gun.

So, ten months later and Flack is still skipping his suits for jeans and button downs that, while they look good, are a bit sloppy untucked. He's deliciously scruffy this week and had it not been for him, this episode would have been meh. I'm glad to see them focusing on the way he's been dealing with the death of Jess. It was nice to see her father checking in with Flack in the bullpen and inviting him to a get together for what would have been her birthday. I was disappointed to see Flack sitting out in his car and watching through the window before driving away. I was not happy with Stella's smart ass remark that Flack used to shave every day. Give him a break. He's dealing with his grief the way he feels he needs to. She should at least have a tiny bit of understanding about that. Mac seemed to understand and I'm assuming he's the only person who is going to understand what Flack is going through. Flack looks to be doing his job just fine, like always. I'm glad to see that.

My next complaint is Haylen. This is another episode where I don't care much for her. She's pushy and I don't like her making Adam feel his job is threatened. I did enjoy him being one step ahead of her while they were in the lab with Mac. Don't try to compete with Adam. He knows his job. I really hope after her year of internship that they don't have the funds to hire her and she disappears for good.

This is another episode where Lindsay didn't annoy me. I take that back. This marital bliss conversation shit is getting tiring every damn episode. I wanted to gag when Danny mentioned dancing with Lindsay at their Lucy's wedding. I doubt the two of them will be together that long. The fact she and Danny are married that makes them both boring as hell. It's hard to tell about Danny though since he's barely been in the first three episodes. I guess he'll be kept to a minimum until he's walking again. I'm sure Lindsay's selfish streak will reappear eventually but I'm glad to see it taking a back seat to other things for the time being.

This is the first we've seen of the compass killer. I think he'll be in three more episodes. I think he wraps up in episode 9, maybe 8. I love Skeet Ulrich (I enjoyed him in Jericho) but I need to watch again at ten to get a better grasp on his character.

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