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CSI:NY - 6x03 - Lat/Long Episode Review - *SPOILERS*

I didn't do a review last week. It was a good episode overall but since there wasn't much to complain about, I didn't feel the urge to post. This week, however, I do feel the urge to post. I need to watch it again at ten though so there could be some additions to this post. Edits/Updates are in BOLD.

A big WTF? to the timeline. I swear I never understand their timeline reasonings. Lindsay mentioned to Danny that Lucy was 10 months old. 6x01 was three weeks after the finale which we know was in May because of Angell's date of death on that paper Dunbrook showed Mac. NOW, it's supposedly March 2010? The dates actually work out because that would have Lucy a year old in May 2010. The only thing good I see about the date is that Danny is still in the wheelchair. I'm glad to see they're not having him recover in a couple months but to jump ahead ten months seems to really be jumping the gun.

So, ten months later and Flack is still skipping his suits for jeans and button downs that, while they look good, are a bit sloppy untucked. He's deliciously scruffy this week and had it not been for him, this episode would have been meh. I'm glad to see them focusing on the way he's been dealing with the death of Jess. It was nice to see her father checking in with Flack in the bullpen and inviting him to a get together for what would have been her birthday. I was disappointed to see Flack sitting out in his car and watching through the window before driving away. I was not happy with Stella's smart ass remark that Flack used to shave every day. Give him a break. He's dealing with his grief the way he feels he needs to. She should at least have a tiny bit of understanding about that. Mac seemed to understand and I'm assuming he's the only person who is going to understand what Flack is going through. Flack looks to be doing his job just fine, like always. I'm glad to see that.

My next complaint is Haylen. This is another episode where I don't care much for her. She's pushy and I don't like her making Adam feel his job is threatened. I did enjoy him being one step ahead of her while they were in the lab with Mac. Don't try to compete with Adam. He knows his job. I really hope after her year of internship that they don't have the funds to hire her and she disappears for good.

This is another episode where Lindsay didn't annoy me. I take that back. This marital bliss conversation shit is getting tiring every damn episode. I wanted to gag when Danny mentioned dancing with Lindsay at their Lucy's wedding. I doubt the two of them will be together that long. The fact she and Danny are married that makes them both boring as hell. It's hard to tell about Danny though since he's barely been in the first three episodes. I guess he'll be kept to a minimum until he's walking again. I'm sure Lindsay's selfish streak will reappear eventually but I'm glad to see it taking a back seat to other things for the time being.

This is the first we've seen of the compass killer. I think he'll be in three more episodes. I think he wraps up in episode 9, maybe 8. I love Skeet Ulrich (I enjoyed him in Jericho) but I need to watch again at ten to get a better grasp on his character.

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D'oh! My eyes didn't see the 603 header on your post, and I just spent two minutes going, "Wait. What? I don't remember any of this from last week's episode..."

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LOL Technically I don't get the episode until 10pm but I watch on skype with a friend at 7pm est. :)

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I'm incredibly over the Danny/Lindsay stuff. I was fine with them when they first got together and now I just...don't care.

Yeah, Stella's comment pissed me off. Everybody grieves differently and a long as it's not affecting his work then it's really none of her business. And personally, I like the scruff.

If Haylen would just remain silent I might be ok with her, but her voice makes me seriously consider slitting my wrists.

And Skeet Ulrich. I never saw Jericho, but I've loved him since I was 9 and saw Scream. I thought this one was a iittle boring, at least as far as his role was concerned, but I know he's coming back like you said, so I'm really hoping they manage to do something with his character.

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The DL stuff is annoying. We all know they're married and have a kid. I don't need to be reminded every week.

I think everybody liked the scruff EXCEPT Stella.

Haylen's voice is worse than Fran Drescher's and hers is horrid.

Hopefully he'll be more active in the remaining two episodes he's in. They gave Edward Furlong a great character for two episodes they could do it for him, too.

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Stella can kiss my ass. Maybe she should pay more attention to her own job than what everyone's doing with their personal lives.

Exactly! I still don't think I'd like Haylen, but I'd like her more if she was a mute.

Yes! Edward furlong had a great character and arc, and I trust Skeet way more than I trust him. Also, the girl he was talking to the entire time was imagined, right? I can't be the only one who thinks that.

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Stella wants to complain about Don but has she just ONCE asked him how he's doing? The only person who seems the least bit concerned about him is Mac. I'm sure there will be some big Mac/Don moment eventually about what he's going through but Jesus, couldn't Stella be a bit nicer about it?

LOL Her being a mute would greatly improve her character.

The wife? Hmm..I dunno. If so, I missed that but my attention never seems to be 100% on the episode either time I watch it. Well, it is the first time but the audio on skype for videos can cut out sometimes. It would make sense as to why she didn't think his behavior was strange.

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Stella may have gone through a lot with that psycho stalker boyfriend before, but she apparently has no real clue what it's like to lose somebody. Not like Mac does. And it'll be a big emotional moment like when Danny's brother got beat into a coma. *sniff* Poor Louie.

Exactly! I still don't know that I would like her, but it couldn't possibly hurt.

It's kind of a relief to know they didn't explicitly state it and I just missed it. I kind of zoned out in parts. But yeah, just the way she treated him, and the way he reacted to her....I think she's just a hallucination. Whether she's made up completely (doubtful) or died (more likely) I don't know, though.
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Like I said... Danny!clone.

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LOL Someone please bring the real Danny Messer back.
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@ Stella's comment - She saw Mac after Claire. She should know how this is, expect it, and be there for him.

@ Haylen. That was SO forced. She weaseled her way in! I dislike her. . .and POOR ADAM.

Donnie did look sexy as can be, but the time line jump irritated me. And what's this STUPID machine Sheldon keeps using? Don't tell me he's too lazy to get the darn things himself. They've got budget cuts, and they get fancy stuff like this?

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Stella definitely came off insensitive to me. I'm just glad she said it to Mac instead of Don.

Apparently budget cuts take a backseat to buying million dollar pieces of equipment that seem useless.

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Hmm..I typed my response around 7am but for some reason it disappeared. *grumbles at LJ*

Exactly. She should at least have a clue. Sure Don and Jess weren't together as long as Mac and Stella but still, he lost his significant other no matter how long they were together.

I want to rip out her voice box.

Don looked very yummy. It seems no matter what budget cuts the lab has, it doesn't stop them from buying million dollar pieces of lab equipment. Not sure why though if they're gonna fire the techs that use the stuff.
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I saw the reply, but couldn't respond. Oh, well. This is my first real time on the computer since I've gotten here anyway. Busy, busy, busy!

lol. As long as Mac and Claire, you mean. But yes, they weren't together as long, but that could be seen by some as an advantage to Mac, in that he'd had long years together, whereas Don might regret not telling her sooner...they could have had more time together. In any case, the pain is still real whether they're together 10 years or 10 weeks or anywhere in between.

Can I help? PLEASE????

Oh, heck yes. So yummy. I wanna take him home and put him in my pocket (or something like that).

Exactly! Techs are worth more than machines like that. A tech on a ladder could do the same job and so much more!

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I liked how they're having Don deal with his grief, although I agree it would have been nice for him to actually honor her life with her family. Her dad makes it obvious that Don's missed and he meant a lot to the family. If Jess was a ghost she'd totally kick his ass for that.

Skeet is love, always has been. The creepy charries are good for him (panic Room) although I still can't help but see him as the hot, sexy teen from My so Called life.

As you know I like D/L, but yeah it was a little cheesey. Although if Danny told me he wanted to get in a little pumping...yeah, my mind was VERY smutty.

Hate, hate, hate Haylen. I mean, seriously, her getting Mac time like that is just.. There's SO many cast members as it is, I think you're going to start seeing less of each one as they use her more.

I have to say, I'm missing "hands on" Lindsay, Like Danny you don't see her doing much now, as with a couple of the others. How come Sheldon pretty much got to do all the science stuff. Is he the only one allowed to use that time consuming computer arm thing?

And yeah, totally loved Adam, but soooo not funny making him feel his job is threatened. I'm hoping they pull a Riley with her in this show, vanish her after a year.

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Skeet play a very good creepy guy. Wasn't he the killer in Scream?

LOL Pumping sent my mind straight to the gutter, too.

I'm just sick of tptb always picking on Adam. First they make it look like he's gonna get fired due to budget cuts and now they bring in Haylen who obviously wants his job. I'm still trying to figure out how having a forensic science degree makes her qualified to work in the lab. I thought that degree was for working out in the field as a CSI.

Danny and Lindsay both have turned boring. All we see is them in the lab along with the 'married couple' moments. We don't need them every week or every other week.

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He was one of them, the other one was Matthew Lillard, as in Shaggy from Scooby Doo. Ha ha ha.

I know, you'd think after all this time that they'd give him some credit, man that guy's helped them out a lot. Adam needs to be seen as the smart, sexy, fun guy he is. HE NEEDS CREDIT.

Maybe it'll change once Danny's back out of the wheelchair?

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Oh yeah. I forgot about Shaggy! They were the two horror movie freaks.

Adam is so under appreciated. :(

That's what I'm thinking which I think is an insult to anybody in a wheelchair. Apparently he has to be boring because he can't walk. Granted he couldn't work in the field but other than that, they didn't have to turn him boring.

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Wow. So to avoid having to write the difficult AKA actual good stuff, they made the timeline jump ALMOST AN ENTIRE YEAR?

Wow. Just wow. And here I thought I've seen pathetic writing from a TV show already. There is no way they can continue dragging this shit on without eventually bringing the Drama Llamaz back. People are already complaining about how boring it is, as it is!

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Apparently keeping Danny in a wheelchair all of that time is out of the question so they're speeding it up so have him back on his feet in a few episodes. I can't remember exactly which episode he's walking in but I KNOW he's back on his feet in episode 8 and I'm thinking seven, too. I'd have to check out [ profile] faylinn_drake's to know for sure. They're worse than soap operas when a baby is born and six months later that baby is two years old and a year later a teenager.

Flack is the brightest spot about every episode so far this season. I'm tiring of Mac having the same/similar episodes/storylines season after season. Yes, he's the star but it's still annoying.

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The big problem with the time line is that they made reference to episode three being in October AND they made reference to meeting Haylen "a couple of weeks ago." So if the premiere was supposed to be June and episode three is October there's no freaking way they met Haylen two weeks ago AND Lucy is now 10 months old.

I don't think there was a reference to date in the episode where Lucy was born, or the other episodes before the finale, so I suppose it could be argued that she was six months old at the time the premiere aired, which was supposed to be June 2009. But for her to have aged four more months in the same time frame they mention meeting Haylen two weeks ago is impossible.


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It's a sad day when the fans know more about the shows than the writers do. I'm anxious to see if they have another Christmas episode planned like Silent Night. I want to see how they explain that.

Lucy being older in the finale as well as the premiere that was a month later, it would explain to me why Lindsay seemed to be back at work in two or three weeks after Lucy's birth.

This brings up another question about Haylen. Are we supposed to believe that she sent Mac THREE resumes in two weeks and that Mac didn't recognize her at first? The guy never forgets anything. Also, I forgot to edit my original post again but I had watched the end of the finale again to see when Angell's birthday was. Without watching again I can't remember if her dad said it was a get together for her birthday (meaning on her birthday) or just around the time of her birthday. Either way, the newspaper in the finale had her birthday as February 9, 1981 which would mean the date would have been February 2010??

Have the DL fans really worn tptb down so much that they've all went stupid? Do they really think the fans wouldn't notice these huge time line gaps?