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CSI:NY 6x01 Epilogue Rant Review *SPOILERS*

I just watched the premiere of CSI:NY and all I can say it was a premiere.

It started out with the shortest opening sequence ever, just the shooting from the finale and then on to the credits. I was happy to see Don, as well as Mac, out of his suit and in regular clothes. The scene after the credits must have been how each of the team handled the events of the shooting. Yes, Adam and Stella slept together but they also agreed to never do that again. Mhm, I hope that sticks but we'll see how long that lasts. And please God not another surprise pregnancy from that one nighter. Flack and a mystery woman. I'm gonna take a guess that was just a one night stand to get him through the loneliness. Danny in a wheelchair which was no surprise since it was in the spoilers. That's one thing about tptb for NY, they don't care what spoilers leak out which is really sad in a way because there's basically nothing to surprise us anymore. Way to go ptb.

Apparently Mac was the only one who worked after the shooting since that was all it showed him doing. It seems to me he was justified in only using the terms 'I' and 'me'. *shrug*

Scruffy!Danny is nice to look at but there is a point where it shifts from scruff to beard and I like the scruff better. Your arms still work so please trim it up, Danny. Apparently Don had the last three weeks off but I was unsure if he was just on the scene with Mac or if he was back to work. No suit probably means he wasn't working but it still doesn't explain Mac's lack of suit. Maybe they're gonna be dressed down more this season.

New girl is annoying right from the beginning. It makes me think it's Lindsay 2.0. I was getting hyper like Adam was over the fact that he can do his job and didn't miss anything. I'm glad to see they didn't make him look bad especially in front of Mac. Haylen got on my nerves trying to make Adam look bad one minute and the next minute she was asking him to put a good word in about her to Mac. Way to go Adam for not giving in to her.

The Danny/Moo moments were annoying at best. I really hope we don't have to endure an entire season of married moments that are not necessary unless they are like the second scene they had that made me laugh. I see Danny is still lying to Moo when it comes to important things a married couple should be honest about. He told her he had a 60% chance of walking again when in reality it was only a 10% chance. No matter how bad the odds, that's something he should have been honest about or better yet, has Moo not been going to any of his doctor appointments? That in itself seems strange but I shouldn't really expect much more from Moo.

The ending moment made me happy, too. Moo was home walking around the nursery while holding Lucy and talking to her while Danny wasn't even home with his wife and baby. I wasn't sure where he was. I think it was the lab (will look better at 10) but he was there all alone. One would think he'd wanna spend his down time at home with the fam.

I'll be tuning in again at 10pm so I really should watch better and see how the case was actually solved and update my post.


OK, I think they goofed when they filmed the scene in Mac's office where he's looking over the evidence from the shooting. I thought it was supposed to be Danny's badge and ID but the badge # was 8571 which is Flack's badge. Maybe Flack's badge was actually evidence. I was assuming Danny's was.

Ok, so Danny is at the doctor's office at the end. Doc sure has late hours. I noticed the rain the first time I watched but missed Danny's foot moving. So cliche.
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Can I just say (without reading spoilers) how much I wish I could see it now? Yeah. I'll be offline for church tonight, but I shall read your post and discuss after I see the WIN that I'm sure it'll be. Not that they've really left anything a surprise for us...

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Yeah, they kinda ruined it with too many spoilers. I need to edit and add a few things that I missed the first time. Hopefully this time I'll find out how the case was solved. XD
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Haylen = a really annoying duplicate of Hayden Panettiere.

THAT WAS ALL I COULD THINK ABOUT. Seriously, she and Ali Larter are why I don't watch Heroes more. :( Up until the Spock!craze, Sylar (Zach Quinto) was my eye candy fix.

I mean, who doesn't love a guy who zips with his finger and somebody's skull opens up?! They should goof on it and bring him in to do a cameo as a serial killer on NY.

ETA: Oh and this will please you-

When Risa popped in, I totally thought it was Rikki coming back which is why she asked for Danny.
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LOLOL Yes, that amuses me.

BTW, I'm apparently trying to see how many different journals I can use tonight. XD
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HEY! That's not Sammy! >:(

Right back at you! :P
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Oh, see, that I can get behind. *snorts*
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Oh, nice note on the badge number. I didn't even think to look @ the badge number.

I did NOT like the new girl. Why would Adam want to help her take his job away?

While I don't think Adam/Stell is anywhere near a good idea, I'm glad it's just a "one time fun" thing and clearly stated - with both of them glad with it. But I want an icon of Adam's smile that way.

Don was sexy. (As always) Very sexy, even when he was looking sad, that was good. But you'll see my thoughts when I post 'em. :)